I had my exam on poetry yesterday, was awful but it’s done The semester is finally over. Let’s ignore for the moment the fact that I have about 15 novels to read in less than a month and a dissertation to write by the first week of February. The rest of this week is going to be all about crafty fun things. On my way home from the exam I sheltered from the horizontal icy rain and had dinner at my parents house. Of course I also left my knitting there. I was making a sort of prototype mitten to match the cable hat (eh below somewhere). I’ve got it back already because my dad is decorating my kitchen and brought it round this morning. (Being a builder’s daughter is decidedly useful). Unfortunately I wanted to curl up and watch Amelie last night and with my cabley mitten temporarily lost I had to begin something new, of course.
I’m so glad I went to the city knitty meet up last week. I met lots of cool people, including Juliana who makes truly awesome mittens. Inspired by hers and these, I started this.


For a guage swatch I knit 40 sts in the round in the pattern for Eunny’s endpaper mitts. I was going to cut it flat but it makes a kind of cute wristband so I didn’t.


Then I printed out some graph paper that I made using this generator and doodled in my design. And then I stayed up hours later than I meant to (I was exhausted) because knitting this proved to be so very enchanting.? The cuffs are quite long and I’m going to cut a steek and add some buttons.


Rummaging in my button box produced these, which I think should work.


I haven’t decided yet whether these will be mittens or gloves. Unlike most traditional mittens I’m continuing the pattern across the thumb, seemed like a waste to ignore the design possibility of a branch going across the thumb. I kind of like the idea of the fingers being branches too, maybe.

My friend Sheena is coming to stay tonight, she has an interview for a postgrad thing to be a high school art teacher tomorrow and then we’re going to Ikea. She’s never been and I need more glass jars and things. More hand cozying knits tomorrow or maybe Friday depending on how the photo opportunities arrive. Now I’m going to tidy up and bake some biscuits.