I finished the cardigan which was commissioned by a friend of my mum on behalf of her mother. The recipient’s name is Erica, which apparently is Latin for heather. Perfectly fitting for this colour. Mum made me pose with some heather.


Obviously it doesn’t fit me at all, but I didn’t think finding a model it did fit would be too easy and it’s so cozy and pretty that I wanted to wear it. Hopefully the real Erica will send me some pictures of her wearing it. And if it doesn’t fit her, well I’m quite prepared to eat cakes until it fits me. (Or I could take in the seams, so that I don’t have to replace the rest of my wardrobe).

My intentions for blogging are always so far ahead of what I actually get around to doing. I took almost done pictures on Wednesday, but found them still on the camera today. I was still trying to decide how to do the neckband then. I ended up going with my original plan, and my worries that it wouldn’t work turned out to be completely unnecessary.


Still not totally well, although with the return of the sun I’m feeling much better. My spring cleaning mission, is even getting somewhere. I spent the afternoon sorting through piles and piles of paper and in the end the ‘to file’ pile was satisfyingly small, while the recycle and shred piles were not only large but have already been taken care of. This is something I’ve clearly needed to do for a while, there were things from 2003 there. I’ve moved house 6 times since then. Oh dear.
I found something kind of disconcerting out on Wednesday. Quite randomly I ended up getting an eye test, only to discover that my poor wee right eye can’t focus on anything more than a couple of meters away. The strangest thing is that I had no idea at all. I have to get glasses to remind my brain that I still have two eyes, which is the only good part of this. I’ve wanted glasses for years, but as far as I knew my vision was perfect. This was most likely caused by spending too much time looking at computer screens and reading books and peering at teeny tiny stitches, in other words I brought this upon myself. If you, like me, think your eyesight is fine and have never had an eye test, go get yourself to an optician. Now. Granted, hopefully I’m the only one crazy enough not to realise that she’s only using one eye but you never know what they might find. Then if you’re as surprised as me you can join me in walking around winking at everything. It’s like having my own macro preview.