extreme knitting and when the things I hoard become useful

Paintball was ace – and the bruises are impressive too. I got to discover just how cowardly some of my friends are and that no one quite seems to ‘get’ that putting your arms up means ‘I’m dead already – stop shooting’. Haha. Of course I took my knitting, I take my knitting everywhere. If I sat at home doing nothing else while knitting I would probably not be remotely interested in it.



I’ve been trying to sort out my room – basically so I can find my craft supplies and have space to use them. My room is never perfectly tidy or organised, probably because I have too much stuff. I found a 1950s wedding dress pattern in a drawer, it was incomplete and torn and I haven’t got the faintest idea where it came from. It looked vaguely familiar. Sort of. But I think I’d remember planning to make a wedding dress. Sometimes however the stuff crap I have is useful. Today I finally finished the second sleeve of Rosa. I’ve had the back, front and one sleeve done for at least 6 weeks but they’ve just been sitting in a bag waiting for me to finally bother with the other sleeve. Well now all of the knitting is done and I needed to block it. It’s cotton and the tension isn’t exactly perfectly even added to which I only got gauge after blocking my swatch. Consequently some pretty heavy duty, professional blocking was in order. I ended up reading (in advertisements) about blocking boards and wires. Of course I just happened to have a box of art boards, felt, fabric, 3 pointed pins, some armature wire, wire cutters and a file lying around. Of course! So I made this:


I plan on making more boards and blocking the other pieces, but I’m bored so I think it can wait until tomorrow. Now I’ve figured out what I’m doing I suppose I could photograph the process for the next one, would anyone actually find that useful? Is it normal to have those things lying about your bedroom? My bedroom is quickly turning into a studio but still. I’m currently trying to convince myself that making a dress to wear tonight is a bad idea. It would probably involve making a lot more mess. Especially considering it’s already 8.30 pm. We rarely go out before 10.30 but even so it’s not really enough time to make a dress without making a huge mess.

Oh and judging by the comments I didn’t make it very clear in the last post what I was actually knitting: that is the amazing pomatomus socks by Cookie published in Knitty.? As for the library thing, libraries are a great source of knitting books. However, the Alterknits, Loop d loop and Odhams encylcopedia are all mine. The rest of the books pictured below are from the library and they did have some more recent pattern books – I spotted some Debbie Bliss kids books and Hip Knits. They also had a Postman Pat knitting book from the eighties, who can I inflict that on?