Fair Isle inspiration from today’s outfit

It isn’t possible to wear too much Fair Isle and plaid at once, right? Today I’m wearing a pullover / vest / whateryoucallit and scarf that I bought on recent visits to Shetland. Both are from local designer Wilma Malcomson, who sells hand-frame knitted (ie. on a pretty hands on machine) garments and hand knit accessories from her studio and around the world. Her designs stand out to me because of her wonderful sense of colour, and her studio is full of the inspiration boards she creates to develop her palettes. As proof that her designs have made it around the world I saw my friend Maura at Rhinebeck, who was sporting a wonderful jumper she’d found in a Philadelphia thrift store – it was one of Wilma’s. That really makes me want to go rescue beautiful knitwear from charity shops.

I, of course, couldn’t resist bringing home a pile of yarn from Shetland, along with an even larger pile of woven tweed. Today’s outfit, all of the landscape photos I took (I’ll be posting some of those this week), and the yarn add up to a lot of inspiration and I’m itching to cast on a new design. I’m currently reviewing layouts for the individual pattern files from The Rhinebeck Sweater, but I’m letting myself take little breaks to play with colours. This might end up completely different in the end, but the green in the centre will be the main colour. Shetland grass after the rain, captured perfectly in yarn form.