Festive K1

I ended up working in the yarn shop today because poor Sarah was sick. Consequently I didn’t take any of the pictures I was planning on taking today, but I did have a rather lovely day. It was really chilled out, but not mind-numbingly quiet, lots of people came to knit and drink tea for most of the day. A couple of days ago I hung my stockings up in the store, alongwith one that Sarah made and the place is looking rather nice and festive.

We’ve got handknit gingerbread men on the trees, these were knit by customers and they’re being sold to raise money for a Children 1st (hence the poster with the kid).


Really not a bad place to spend a surprise day, more fun than the pattern editing and layouts I was planning on working on anyway!


Maybe I’ll see you there tomorrow. Right now the festiveness is continuing into the evening, Hannah’s in my kitchen making various Thanksgiving and Mexican dishes. We’re not American, and obviously a day late, but the Americans at knitting group made me hungry last night and I’ve never had pumpkin pie. I’m quite excited.