Finishing what I’ve started

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed by the number of projects that I have on the needles and that I have to finish patterns for. Since November seems to be the month of goals I’m going to try and finish everything that I’m currently working on within the month.

Firstly I need to finish the Apocalypse Hoodie and the second Arabella.


I spent this morning laying out both patterns, so this shouldn’t take too long.


The only changes I’ve made to the Apocalypse Hoodie are a chunkier I-cord edge and ‘proper’ thumbs. The simplest way of making the thumbholes is to make buttonholes but I wasn’t satisfied with the results so I just knit in some scrap yarn and I’ll go back and pick up those stitches and knit a few rounds for the thumbs.

Arabella just needs the neck edging and cap sleeves. More working out than actual knitting.

And then, well I guess I’m going to work on all those things hovering in the sidebar. And yes mum, Posie will be first. Followed by the Coraline, because I promised Neil Gaiman fans I would do it soon, some time ago.

I have so many new ideas, but hopefully they’ll serve as motivation to finish what I’ve started, rather than as distraction.