Thank you for all of the pinafore love. Someone asked if I would be publishing a pattern, but unfortunately the answer is no. I wasn’t sure what I was doing drafting a pattern for myself so clearly I wouldn’t feel confident to do it properly. Maybe, once I’ve figured it out a bit better myself I’ll post a tutorial.
So I finished university, maybe forever, last Wednesday. Since then I’ve been celebrating that a little, crafting a bit and generally enjoying my new found freedom. Today I went to an exhibition about Pixar in the Museum of Scotland (or whatever it’s technically called – the one on Chambers St). If you’re in Edinburgh it is absolutely worth going to. My friend Sarah and I were most enchanted by the 3 dimensional Toy Story zoetrope (sp?). I think we watched it 6 times over, and then we felt very dizzy – it involves strobe lights and lots of spinning. There were also lots of polymer clay and resin models of characters from the films which were fascinating and which inspired me to get out the polymer clay that arrived last week. I’ve been wanting to make some more dolls for a long time, and promised myself that I could do so after exams. When I got home from the museum I made a start.


Sitting by this head is a little dish of eyeballs for more dolls.

Here are a couple of other things I’ve been playing with recently. I have so many things to share, so I’m sure I’ll be updating lots this week. Right now it’s all a little overwhelming, as blogging always seems to be when I haven’t posted for a while!



I just got up to close the curtains and spotted something that made me smile – one of my neighbors has a dressform that looks like my one’s twin in their livingroom window.

p.s. My delightful (but dangerously nearby) lys has a new online shop: