ginger and hazelnut cookies

I managed to stay out of the ginger box long enough to make these.


And I wrote up the recipe, so you can make them too :). Too encourage myself to note down future recipes and because I’m totally in love with all of The Small Object’s awesome fill in the blanks designs I doodled a little recipe card. It’s designed to be printed on A5 card, have holes punched at the side and joined with those little metal rings.? I plan on making my own cardboard covers. Of course I have plans for a whole series of these, and maybe covers and divider pages too. You can download the fill in the blank pdf for your own most delicious recipes or the filled in ginger and hazelnut cookie recipe page. I hope you love this idea as much as I do. It’s like a printable, collectable, extendable, custom recipe book, weeee! Ooh and maybe I can do seperate baking and cooking books.


Download ginger and hazelnut cookies pdf

Download robot and cupcakes fill in the blanks recipe page pdf