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To help us show you how this sweater works for different bodies and styling preferences, we invited some knitters from our community to work up their version as part of our preview knitter programme. Glenmore is a simple top down knit design which lends itself well to making an easy to wear staple that you will wear all week with different items from your existing wardrobe. You can play with the colour and length depending on your personal taste and what you feel works best for you and your look. One of the great advantages of Ravelry’s project pages and hashtags on platforms like instagram, is that once a design has been available for a little while, it is easier to find answers to questions we might have about our individual needs. Questions like, how will this work with my bust, can I wear this with jeans, where does that neckline fall? So we’ve asked our preview knitters to showcase their colour and size choices with the outfits they’d typically wear and are sharing them with you to help make an easier task of matching the sizing information on the pattern pagewith an example of what that might look like on a moving body.

Size 1 cropped — Hippiemommy

Yarn: indigo dyed O Wool Classic Worsted

Ease: 9" / 22.5cm

Modifications: none

Image of a white skinned woman wearing a cropped blue sweater. The yarn it is made has the shifty shades of a hand dyed yarn.

(@hippiemommy) knit hers from indigo dyed yarn

Size 2 cropped & Size 3 regular — Isabel

Red version: Cyrano in Pavot

Ease: 8" / 20cm of ease

Modifications: bicep slightly larger using spreadsheet

Ravelry project here.

Grey version: Rowan Cocoon in Clay

Ease: 12" / 30cm

Modifications: bicep slightly larger using spreadsheet

Ravelry project here.

Collage of images of a white skinned woman with dark curly hair wearing a red sweater. In 2 of the images she is joined by another white skinned younger woman wearing a grey cropped version.

Isabel (@isabelpinhoespiritosanto

Size 3, cropped — Freda

Yarn: Cyrano in Genet

Ease: 10" / 25cm

Modifications: added 1" / 2.5 cm to body length before ribbing.

Ravelry project here.

Image of a black skinned woman with dark hair in bunches. She is wearing a cropped yellow sweater over casual pants. The photo is taken at an angle and she is smiling over her hand. Photo on right of the same yellow sweater on a dress form, the photo is a close up of the shoulder detail.


Size 4 — Monica 

Yarn: Cyrano in Doré

Ease: 8" / 20cm

Modifications: none

Ravelry project here.

Collage of images of an East Asian woman wearing a yellow sweater. She faces the camera in 3 shots and the 4th she has her back to the camera with her arms out. She is smiling in all the images you can see her face.

Size 4 cropped — Marie

Yarn: Cyrano in Cypres

Ease: 10" / 25cm

Modifications: none

Size 4 - sample on Ravideep, Georsan, & Ysolda

Yarn: Cyrano in Genet

Ease: 14" / 35.5cm ease on Ravideep, 11" / 27.5cm on Georsan, and 10" / 25cm ease on Ysolda

Modifications: none

image on the left south asian woman with long dark hair stands facing the camera, she's wearing a yellow textured sweater with black and white striped trousers. The image in the centre is of a black woman with a short hairstyle walking towards the camera, she's wearing the same yellow sweater over a deep pink long skirt. Image on the right is of a white woman wearing the same yellow sweater, her thumbs are hooked in her pockets and her glasses are hanging from the neckband. She's looking straight at the camera and smiling.

Size 6 cropped 

Yarn: Cyrano in Sel

Ease: 10" / 25cm on Aja, 14" / 35cm on Bex 

Modifications: none

Ravelry project here.


Size 7 — Kate

Yarn: Cyrano in Bois de Rose

Ease: 13" / 32.5cm

Modifications: tubular bind-off

A collage of 4 images of a white, fat woman in a pink chunky jumper. You see her facing the camera, a close up of her shoulder featuring a line detail, a shot from the back with arms held out so you can see the shape and last a shot of her smiling, at an angle from the camera, hands on hips. In all shots you can see her face. she is smiling and looks very happy.

Kate (@ifitaintkate)

size 8 — Sarah

Yarn: Cyrano in Poivre et Sel

Ease: 10" / 25cm

Modifications: For the sleeves, I followed the suggestions of the sleeve adjustment sheet you provided but added 2 more rows on front and back (so 6 rows total). In the end I knit the sleeve two sizes up (size 10) so it would fit around my upper arms and decreased until I had 36 sts which seemed a nice fit There are 3” of bottom hem and I knit the body 1” shorter than suggested to make up for that. Knit the hem of sleeves slightly longer (3 rows longer than 2”) Since back and front were identical at the hem for my size, I offset the bottom hem by decreasing 2 sts in the first rnd of ribbing. It seems like I modified the pattern quite a lot but I prefer larger hems, because I wanted the sweater to look proportional on me

Ravelry project here.

2 images of a light skinned white woman in a cream textured sweater, left image she is facing the camera so you can see full sweater. Right image she is facing to the left laughing and you can see the shoulder detail of the sweater.

Size 10 — Beth @mdquilter

Yarn: Cyrano in Poivre

Ease: 10" / 25cm

Modifications: bicep adjustment and says 'sleeve adjustment using the worksheet provided and the resulting directions provided me with a perfectly fitting sleeve!!' 

Ravelry project here.

Check out her podcast - she talks about her sweater in episode 7.

Image of a white skinned fat woman wearing a light peppery brown textured sweater over a coral top. She is smiling while she looks at the camera. Second image of the same woman with her back to the camera, she is holding one are up so you can see how the sweater sits at the side.

Choosing a size to make

Hopefully our wonderful preview knitters have given you a good idea of which size would work for your body, but if you're still not sure our next post in this series will be all about choosing which size to make. In the meantime you can find the schematic and sizing chart here (click on the "schematic" tab). 

If you're trying to decide which yarn to use our last postabout Glenmore focussed on swatching and yarn substitution. All of the yarns featured are currently available for shipping. 

Join the Glenmore KAL!

You don't have to do anything special to sign up, just buy the pattern (release date: April 8th) and share your progress. Use the hashtag #glenmorekal on instagram, twitter and your Ravelry project, so everyone can see your photos and come and say hi in our Ravelry group.

Read all posts in the Glenmore KAL series. 

Cast on party

Cast on live with us at 3pm BST on Friday April 10th. Bex will be casting on her Blåne version and I'll be casting on my marled Petter version. Hopefully we can count live on air!

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