Goodbye June, goodbye 22

And goodbye red Gretel. I’m rather sad to set this off on its long journey, I love it so, but you’ll see it again in a little while somewhere rather exciting.


Much to my surprise, since I hate the actual number, 22 has turned out to be a rather wonderful year full of successes and adventures. You’ve had an awful lot to do with that wonderfulness so thank you! I like the number 23 a lot better, so I’m hoping that means it will be even better than 22.


I spent my third birthday like this –


and my thirteenth throwing a tantrum about how I didn’t want my presents and I didn’t want my birthday because I most definitely never wanted to grow up. Changed my mind pretty quickly about those presents and I’m starting to think this growing up thing isn’t so bad after all. Let’s hope this 3 is a little more like the 1st than the 2nd though

p.s. I hate that I had to do this, but clearly my brain’s on holiday. The Liesl sleeve directions that I remember thinking out so carefully got a little lost between the first version I knit (which had the sleeves) and the final pattern. I’ve sent out an update that will arrange the stitch pattern for the sleeve so it lines up perfectly with the body and that has a note on fitting the yoke. Let me know if you haven’t received the update. In happier Liesl news – have you seen that there are already a few finished ones on Ravelry, that makes me so happy!