Goodbye NYC!

365-43I got Little Birds back from Twist Collective last week. Generally I design things that I want to wear, but that was especially true in the case of this cardigan and luckily I got to make it in my size. So it might have been almost a year since I handed off an unblocked mess to Kate Gilbert in Montreal, but I can finally wear it. Only it’s mostly been far too warm.

This photo was taken last Friday when I walked across the Brooklyn bridge with Hannah – the cardigan spent most of the day in my bag, and photos had to be taken quickly. We had a picnic in the park behind me before walking back across the bridge to Manhattan where I met up with the Spiders.

Melissa tried on Little Birds and I met a pretty Ishbel.


The following evening, my last in NYC, I did a q+a at The Point. It was a lovely event and people asked some really interesting questions, but unfortunately I totally forgot to take a single picture. I was so saddened to learn that this store, who made me feel so at home during my visit, is closing suddenly – today is their last day. I wish all of the staff the best of luck in whatever they go on to do, thank you for being so wonderful!