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by ysoldateague October 26, 2005


Two rather exciting packages arrived.
First my secret pal sent me this:

Watercolour pencil, postcards of watercolour paper, a bag of lavender, cute little triangles of shower gel stuff and a shower puff thingy (not pictured cos it was in the shower by the time I took the photo.

And these little guys arrived yesterday:

They were created by an artist called Gael Cecchin and arrived on my mantlepiece via

Unfortunately at the weekend I lost my phone – so i have nobodies’ number. If you want to get hold of me I really do check my mail with rather obsessive frequency – I’m less obsessive however about replying.

I got my haircut yesterday and my hairdresser – the only one allowed anywhere near my hair (Jack at BeBaBoom – Edinburgh) gave me a ponytail of hair. Uhuh really, he wants me to knit something for a photo shoot with it. Expect some pics when I’ve had time to play with it.

I’m knitting a very delicate lacey shrug thing at the moment – in Kid silk haze. I’ll probably be posting a pattern at some point.

Being the weird geek I am I made a 5 hour round trip to see Ladytron last weekend. It was great – I have lots of photos but haven’t had a chance to edit them yet – Helen’s eyes seem determined they like being red – perhaps she is a demon? But I’ll make a little gallery soon and hopefully someone other than me will appreciate it.


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