Gretel Feedback

My snowboard classes are in the afternoons so I’ve been working a little on my patterns in the morning. I don’t actually have any recent fos with me so I can’t really do much work on upcoming designs. Consequently this morning I started something I’ve been meaning to do for a while – updating Gretel. Don’t worry, this isn’t to fix errors I just think that the pattern could be a bit clearer.
So far I’m:

– Re-formatting the round by round instructions so that they’re presented in a table with alternate rows shaded, numbered rounds and stitch counts. This format will be familiar to anyone who has the Elijah or Estella patterns but let me know if you don’t understand what I mean and I’ll add a screengrab. I think this format makes things easier to keep track of, but if you hate it let me know why.

– Trying to give more sizing info. I’m going to add the finished crown diameters which might make picking a style easier. Would the length of the decrease section also help? It might make it easier to decide when to begin it as you go. I’ve been thinking about additional sizes but the reason there aren’t any at the moment is because the pattern repeat is a bit wide to make a reasonable jump between sizes without messing up the cables. However although this pattern is stretchy I certainly don’t think that one size fits all and I’d be prepared to work out additional sizes if there is a demand. If you had sizing issues with the pattern (other than wanting to make it for a child with a small head*) were / could these be solved either by making the cast on looser or by making a different one of the pattern’s offered styles?

– eta – charts yes! I honestly have no idea why I didn’t include them in the first place since I certainly prefer working from them myself.

If you’ve made or are working on Gretel I’d really appreciate any other feedback you have on the pattern so that I can make it clearer. Thank you and happy new year!

*for that matter do let me know if you are interested in making this for a child, I could add that if there’s sufficient demand too.