Grey Garter

greygarter-2This is exactly the kind of knitting I like most. Simple, repetitive, but not boring.
I’m pretty pleased with the way the shoulder shaping worked out. The yarn is a beautiful alpaca and silk blend I bought in Norway last summer, the shade is 323. If you’re looking for a UK supplier I was delighted to see that Fyberspates is now stocking this. The tension looks pretty uneven here, but that’s nothing unusual for aplaca and it evened out wonderfully in my blocked swatch. The top of the sleeve caps is particularly bad but that’s because I decided to change how I was increasing several inches in and laddered it all down.

The yarn might be lovely, but there is a little problem with it. I don’t have enough! I think when I originally bought this I was thinking either vest or vintagey short sleeved lace blouse and bought the yarn accordingly. Months later I just saw a pile on the shelf and assumed I’d bought a sweater’s worth. Apparently not. I’ve got exactly 2 balls left (of 6) so I think I should be able to at least make the body as long as I want to and short sleeves should be pretty cute on this. Not what I was planning but cute and it’s an excuse to make another long sleeved version.