happy blogiversary

today is my little blog’s first birthday, I was busy all day, although mostly with nice things. I went for dinner with my family because tomorrow is my dad’s birthday, and I went to the Botanic gardens. But this afternoon I took a silly little break, after working on the MJ pattern, and made these. Sweet, adorable little things to make me, you (us?) smile
Cupcake stitch markers, handrawn with coloured pencils on black shrink plastic:


In honour of this little anniversary, and because I love all of the comments you leave, let’s have a wee contenst!

Leave a comment with a little thing to make us smile and you could win a set of 4 cupcake stitch markers It can be whatever you like, a song, an image (you can post images in the comments – use html) something you made, a book recommendation, I don’t mind. Post your entry before midnight on Sunday (GMT) to enter.? I have 2 sets to give away and everyone who enters will be thrown into a hat and 2 will be picked at random. Thankyou for making this worth doing for a whole year, I don’t plan on vanishing anytime soon