happy pancake day!

I made myself pancakes with chocolate spread and greek yogurt. Although I only made a small bowl of batter I still had to eat 6 pancakes all by myself, so full. I really related to Emily’s post today. I like cooking, and bake almost more than I can eat (don’t worry, the 6 pancakes isn’t a daily occurrence, although I did make 9 banana muffins on Sunday and 3 are left). Err, the stuff I bake is pretty healthy and I rarely eat commercial junk food. Anyhow I do think it’s important to believe that you are absolutely worth cooking for and making treats for and taking care of. However, sometimes I joke that I would be the perfect housewife if only I had a co-housewife (more in a my wife way, than a lets fill the house with lots of wives with specific skills way – although that could make a good ridiculous sitcom) who liked cleaning. I am so domesticated, but I’m also really messy. I think there are two kinds of messy people – those who like or don’t mind messiness and those who are messy but hate actually living in it. Unfortunately I’m in the latter camp. So, like Emily, I’ve been trying to pretend like I like picking up after myself and wiping before scrubbing is necessary. Maybe a ‘cleaning dress’ would help, I’ve got a knitting t shirt? and a sewing petticoat, so maybe an outfit for the less fun stuff would be a good idea.
The crazy stupid thing will have to wait til tomorrow and the daylight, but it involves knitting and forgetting I have arms. Ahem.

The grey hoodie is coming along, although progress has slowed. The body is done, and has been since the 2nd when I took this:


Funnily enough I’m wearing that t shirt now.

I decided to make thumbholes, which turned into lined cuffs with thumbs. Before I joined the edges together (in the same way as the hem) it was an amazing glove for cozy handshakes:


Perhaps not something that will take off. After joining it looked like this:


It’s up to my elbow now. I’ll explain the process for these crazy ace sleeves when I do the second one.

The handshake picture was taken at a knitting group meet up. I’ve been going to more of these, which is fun and I’ve mostly got over my shyness.? On Sunday we spent the afternoon knitting with weird materials (and stitching and knotting and crocheting and spinning) in the national museum. It was fun sharing things with people, even if sometimes it was like being an exhibit. I crocheted flowers from plastic bags and taught people stuff and brought along the weird knitted and crocheted hair things I’ve been working on. I should photograph that, if you don’t mind being possibly grossed out.

I hope you made pancakes or something else you like today, whether just for you or everybody.