Happy Solstice

So excited for the days to start getting longer, little by little. Whatever celebrations become associated with it, it feels like there’s something primal about the urge to fill these gloomiest of days with extra brightness.

The studio got a little sparkle, and even though I wasn’t planning on it at all there’s a delightful smelling tree joining plenty of candles in cosying up my livingroom.

We’re all trying to stay bundled up with plenty of cheerful knits and hope you are too.

Today started a little slowly, after running an errand on my way to work I stopped at my mum’s for coffee, I like to think my festive, sparkly outfit brightened up her day!

Nice to see that she has her priorities right, knitting on top of the laundry. That little detour changed my route and I couldn’t resist the Swedish bakery.

Eventually I made it to the studio, where I did do a little work, and enjoyed those cardamom buns with hot chocolate.

Now I think it’s time to pack up my knitting and head out to pick up a
few ingredients for treats for my family. Also washing up liquid – must
remember that! We’ll be taking next week off to spend time with our
loved ones but I’ll see you back here in the new year. Until then – may
your days be bright and full of treats. Be well.