Hats and beasties

Yesterday morning I met up with Kate for a walk along the muddy along the muddy water of leith to the Gallery of Modern Art._
On the way to meet Kate I spotted this fox crossing the road, only a slightly unusual sight.
Within the gallery though there were some much stranger creatures.
The exhibition is charming, creepy, funny and wonderfully imaginative – definitely worth a visit.

After some scones and delighting over Kate’s new Orla Kiely notebook we walked back down the river, stopping to photograph each others hats. Both of which happen to be in Bowmont Braf yarn, excellent stuff. I think Kate’s is from here and mine is from Devon Fine Fibres, Socktopus has some.
Kate’s is the Selbu Modern and mine is still in need of a name, but does have a matching mitt now. I’m off to make the second one and finish up the pattern for you.