Have you knit a sweater? What happened?

On my recent travels and in support of Little Red in the City, I’ve been teaching sweater workshops. I always begin with a question, asking students to share their sweater knitting experiences and pointing out that failures make better stories. Of course, this is a lead in to talking about some of the common pitfalls (inappropriate yarn, gauge issues, fitting, etc) but it’s also resulted in some great stories and opportunities to learn from others’ experiences. So it seems like it would be interesting to open up those questions here and see what stories you have to share.
I’ve probably told this story before but my first sweater was from the first version of A Stitch in Time, meaning that it was really from a 1940s pattern. Luckily the single size it was written for turned out ok but I was very disappointed when I realised that the front was two different shades of black. And so I learned that when the nice but intimidadingly experienced woman in the shop who’d probably been knitting for fifty years tries to help you be asking if you checked the dyelots that you should admit to not knowing what she’s talking about. Don’t just say yes. My only excuse is that I was a teenager.

So how about you? Did you make a sweater with 3 sleeves or that was big enough for two of you? Or maybe you made some really great modifications to make something fit your body and style perfectly. Either way I’d love to hear about it.