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Hello 2009!

by ysoldateague January 01, 2009


I do hope you’re as wonderful and interesting as 2008, even though I didn’t do anything to welcome you in! Yesterday I finally decided that my ‘ignore it while I do fun things’ attitude to my cold might have some influence on the way it’s lingered for forever. So in an attempt to actually do something to get rid of it I spent the evening eating soup, watching Six Feet Under and knitting, and then I went to bed at 9.30. That might be rather pathetic, but after 13 hours sleep I do feel a little better. And since they woke me up I did at least get to see the fireworks. I’ve spent today pottering around the house, cleaning up a little, knitting some more,



and making sure to drink plenty of fluids.


Right now I’m off to heat up more soup and maybe in a few days I’ll be ready for 2009 to get a little more interesting, but right now I’m quite happy with it being quiet. Wishing you and yours a happy, peaceful and knitting filled year!


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