Hello Philadelphia!

rosie's-8On Sunday morning I said goodbye to Connie and her husband and took the train to Philadelphia, where Courtney and Stacey from Rosie’s yarn cellar met me. We took the samples to the store and went for a picnic lunch in the park before we headed back to find everything beautifully arranged.

I spent the afternoon chatting to knitters,

signing books and eating pie.



There was another, modified Little Birds.

And these are just a few of the Ishbels I saw.

Me and most of the Rosie’s staff –

On Monday I spent a much needed day by myself (not that I haven’t been having fun meeting so many new people but I needed a little time to recover!).

I walked around in the sun, looking at historical buildings and blossom

pretty streets
very old gravestones
and intriguing boutiques.

Yesterday I met up with Kate and Courtney for breakfast before visiting the Manos and Kelbourne Woolens warehouse, where I might have been convinced to take some yarn! There were also cupcakes, a visit to the park and yummy Thai curry.

If you’re in Philly and didn’t get a chance to say hello on Sunday I’ll be at the Rosie’s yarn cellar knitting circle this evening.