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Hit with a John Knox Space Bonnet!

by ysoldateague June 29, 2007


Honestly I have no idea why, but on Wednesday I was tapped on the head by the university’s Vice-Chancellor with a bonnet that was apparently made from John Knox’s britches and the addition of fabric that had been sent into space. After that they gave me a degree, and I managed to return to my seat without tripping over my gown.

grad5.JPG That was graduation, all rather surreal. Michael Palin was there too, receiving an honourary degree and being an example of how to be successful without a plan. We managed to escape the freakish weather – giant hailstones in June – to take silly photos as promised.


Yesterday, with oddly perfect timing, my dad intercepted the postman trying to deliver a package to my empty flat. Lucky that he did because said package was my sp10 reveal package.


My pal was Heidi, and she sent me some more wonderful things. Finland is clearly rather stylish, I love the simplicity of these yarn labels.


Every single thing Heidi has sent me has been from Finland, which made it all the more interesting to receive her packages. I definitely want to visit there someday, even if just to stock up on weird liquorice. Thank you so much Heidi
I thought I would have more knitting to share, but I’ve decided to frog almost a whole cardigan. Luckily it’s knit on 12.5mm needles at 2 sts to the inch so re-knitting shouldn’t be too painful. I haven’t really worked with yarn so bulky before and after reading about Twinkle patterns I got a bit too enthusiastic about negative ease.


This seems to be going a bit better, but is the exact opposite of the giant stitches in terms of speed. I love this slightly puffy hem, and the edging. It’s an I-cord edging that neatly links the edges of the hem, so there isn’t an opening at the ends. Working out neat, seamless, little details like this is one of the things I like most about knitting.


The yarn is Rowan Bamboo Soft, which is wonderfully silky but splits horribly. It’s really loosely spun, and kind of irritating to work with. The silky drapey fabric is absolutely worth it though. I would point out that bamboo is a pretty ethical fibre choice, but given that the yarn is also made in China (from where it is apparently impossible to access my blog – er not that that is my major problem with things manufactured there) I don’t really think I can make such an endorsement. Can of worms huh?


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