Holiday Cards

Anyone remember these?
Last year I did a little holiday card exchange with my blog readers (er that would be you). It was so much fun making a stack of cards and then receiving so many cards from all over the world to brighten up my little flat. I’d love to do this again this year, so I hope you’d like to too. Just send me an email ( in the next couple of weeks with your address and I will make some cards and send one out to you, wherever that might be. I’m not at all religious, although I do celebrate Christmas in a rather secular manner, so my cards won’t be to do with any religious holiday in particular. But I will be totally delighted with whatever card you want to send me, so please don’t stress about that. Of course I will be making my cards but I understand that this is a super busy, stressful time of year and that it’s almost impossible to get through everything on your crafty to do list so I will be just as happy to receive a card whether or not you made it. (If you are looking for awesome handmade cards to send out though I bet there are lots available on Etsy).

I don’t want this to seem like a stressful sort of swap (and also I’m rather lazy), so I’m not setting this up as a big organised swap although I did consider it. I’m just looking to send out some cards and get some in return, but I won’t mind at all if something comes up and you don’t manage to send one out. If you think this is a most excellent idea though I’d love to see you post your own call for card swapees, do leave a comment if you decide to.

Now to come up with a design. Hmm…