Holiday gift store is live!

The Holiday Store is now finished – thanks so much everyone for your orders!

I do hope you see something you like, and no, there is nothing wrong with buying yourself a gift. We won’t tell! Everything will be beautifully wrapped by my elves. The only thing is that for a whole bunch of rather boring reasons this is a separate system than the pattern store, so if you want to buy from both you’ll need to complete separate transactions. As I said yesterday, this stuff is very limited, we might ressurrect the printed project bags one day, but it’s very much “once it’s gone it’s gone”. Alongside the kits and project bags we’ve included personalised copies of the Whimsical Little Knits books, much as I’d love to sign every copy normally it’s completely impossible, so this seemed like a fun chance to get a special gift copy. Again, the numbers are limited so that my hand doesn’t fall off!

Yay, I suddenly feel rather festive. It may be time for hot chocolate!