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February 05, 2012


It’s probably obvious from the whole 3 books published in just over 6 months thing, but I work a lot. I love what I do, and feel so grateful that this is my work, but still it’s definitely work. And because I love it, and love releasing new things, it can be hard to take time off – even weekends feel like stolen time, and I take them rarely. But, I’m trying to convince myself of something I know to be true in the abstract, that time off to recharge is crucial to remaining creative, not to mention sane.


After Tnna I spent a week with Kristi Porter, who tech edited Whimsical Little Knits 3, and her family in San Diego.


The ocean just a few blocks away, a colourful farmer’s market full of exotic fruit and vegetables (even these tomatoes seem exotic in January!) and reading in the sunshine – pretty much doing nothing, in the most delightful way.


Now I’m in Denver, having fun with my friends at Fancy Tiger. Arriving in a snowstorm was a little shocking after the sunshine in California and Arizona (this Tnna was in Phoenix), but everything is so pretty and yesterday’s snow meant classes at the store were cancelled so I took over the space and worked on a fun sewing project


This morning I woke up to big flakes falling, but by the afternoon it was warm and sunny enough that ice cream seemed like a good idea. I ate it while wandering around the neighbourhood, where I found a brand new store full of lovely handmade clothing – Sewn.


I’m taking another couple of weeks off, starting with a few days in the mountains here in Colorado and then I’m going to spend a week surfing in Mexico. That trip was kind of a splurge for me (money that could be spent on printing!) but I’m very excited about it and given how many new ideas and projects I’ve already come up with – it might almost count as a business investment. After that I’ll be returning to Denver where I’ll do a book signing on the 17th, lecture from 7-8 and signing from 8-9. With the photobooth! Then I’ll be heading to California for Stitches West where I’ll have a booth with lots of samples for you to try on, the photobooth and I’ll be signing all five books. Five, when did that happen?! I guess it was time for a holiday!


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