I’m leaving again at 4.30am on Monday morning (for a trip I’m really excited about) but right now I’m ignoring that and enjoying being at home. This morning we went to the farmer’s market and spent all afternoon and evening pottering around the kitchen cooking dinner for me, Laura and my friend Joanna.

We Laura made fresh pasta


filled with colourful chard and goats cheese from a goat named Violet.


Served with tomato sauce from local tomatoes and purple basil.


We drank champagne with raspberry purree


Thank you for the champagne – you know who you are!


and for desert we had strawberries, vegan vanilla ice cream and smushed up truffles fresh from Paris.


Now I’m going to sleep in my own bed. It’s good to be home, even for a little while.

– apologies for the awful photos, but what with the combination of bad lighting and an acting up camera it’s a miracle that they’re this good.