wee owl
There’s a teeny little owl in my hair, and it’s making me very happy. I was just playing with a new yarn and it’s such a simple wee thing, but a few people have asked how I made him.

You might recognise the owl cable, it’s featured in many popular patterns, like my friend Kate’s adorable Owls and Owlet sweaters. My little accessory is just an owl cable worked without any surrounding stitches, but I was rather pleased with how well that worked out. Just in case your hair, or your lapel, is lacking in cabley owl goodness, here’s how to make one.

You’ll need a small amount of yarn and needles to work your yarn at a fairly tight gauge. I used a light worsted weight yarn and 3 mm needles, mainly because that’s what was within reach on my desk. The buttons I used for the eyes are really tiny, but if you can’t find any small enough beads or just french knots would also work. My owl is sewn onto a hair clip, but you could add a safety pin to make a brooch or sew little owl directly onto something as embellishments.

To knit the owl begin by casting on 8 sts; k 2rows; p 1row.
Next row: C4B, C4F.
Work 7 rows in st st.
Next row: C4B, C4F.
Work 5 rows in st st.
Next row: C4B, C4F.
Bind off knitwise.
Told you it was simple!

Use some dark thread to sew on eyes and weave in the yarn ends, using one to attach it to your accessory of choice.
The yarn I used is Madeline Tosh Worsted in Gilded and I’m delighted to be working on something larger in it, it’s such a wonderful, saturated colour. Perfect for cheering up a dreary day, and for keeping warm as autumn begins.