I did it

the essay is done. It’s not the greatest essay on Paradise Lost ever (clearly I didn’t expect it to be). But I’m relatively happy with it.That’s almost besides the point. This is the first time in my entire time as a student where having two things due in at once hasn’t completely screwed me and my work up. Every C I’ve ever gotten has been because that piece suffered because I had another to do.
And now sitting on my desk are two pieces of work with cover sheets stapled to the fronts and cds for each on top of them. This makes me very satisfied. They’re done on time.

Yes I have been up all night. My next goal is to do this without staying up all night. But it’s a start, right? They’re done on time at least.

So on time in fact that I now have 3 hours to kill before I have to get ready for my class. Rosa calls, seriously she’s sooooo pretty. I’m about an inch into the beads and keep stopping to admire it.