I do declare…

that it is Knit Whatever You Want Night.
We all have obligations, things we ought to be doing with our time, people to get back to or help with something, ways in which we could put our evenings to good use. Because I work for myself, doing something I honestly do love, I mostly spend my evenings working. But tonight I decided that I’d done enough for the day and even if I kept on working there was no way on earth I was going to be done with my to do list. So I ignored all of my in progress, required for something, projects and cast on something new (or at least its swatch, because I’m not being that naughty). Tonight I am knitting a sweater, for the simplest of reasons: because I wanted to, I’m excited about the project, and I want to wear it.

The world won’t end* if you ignore things for a teeny wee while, so go on, knit what you want tonight. Or, because other awesome people declared today to be International Crochet Day, for bonus points crochet whatever makes you happy right now. And tell me what you’re making, mine is going to be a very simple, casual, easy to wear hoodie. With snuggly pockets, and maybe some garter stitch. I’m thinking thumbholes sound good. Perhaps… Right now, I’m just enjoying it stitch by stitch. I recommend adding some hot chocolate and a storm raging outside for added cosy atmosphere.

*if the world really will end if you are knitting tonight, please carry on doing what you’re supposed to be doing!