innocent hats

[photopress:innocenthats.jpg,full,pp_image]I found this photo on the camera while I was uploading pictures for something else. I’ve been quiet, and sleepy and also very busy. Trying not to get flu, and having lots of things to do isn’t very conducive to blogging and craftiness. Not without feeling guilty at least. Moments like this are important. I knit these for the Innocent smoothies campaign to raise money to warm up the elderly. These hats are for the smoothie bottles and for every one sold they will give 50p to charity.
I did get the keys to my flat last friday, and while it already has a lot of character it’s slowly turning into a home. I haven’t moved in yet, but I should be moving more over this week. We’ve been to Ikea twice this week, and we’ll have to go back. Today we made up my bed, and I got very excited and lay down to try it out. As soon as I lay in the middle – Groan! I, of course, jumped off and peered under the bed. The whole middle beam had done some crazy twisting buckling thing. It’s a little worrying if they don’t make beds that hold my weight so I don’t think that was supposed to happen. Ironic thing is that we accidentally bought an extra one of the beam things and returned it when the guy at the delivery counter pointed it out. Wish we hadn’t now. I’m going to finish the project that I was actually putting photos up for – it needs a dedicated post. Oh and Leah – I do adore your package, and if I can re-group the scattered contents I will show it off!