Is hibernating an option?

With the old studio all packed up, the new one lacking any furniture, having worked over the weekend, stormy weather outside, and a critical clean underwear status I decided that the only practical option was to stay home today. 

Other than a lunchtime dash up the road for baked beans, bread and soup ingredients (so grateful for the nearby Dig In!) that’s what I did. Tomorrow I’ll have both lunch and clean underwear, but more importantly I realised that I am all set for hibernating until at least March. 

I’ve got knitting projects to finish. 


And if knitting gets dull, there’s always sewing. I started these flannel lined dungarees on Sunday evening and I’d like to finish them, plus once I do they’ll be nice and cosy for hibernating in. 

For extra cosiness I can wear them with this winterised Blank Canvas. Bex took over it when it looked like I might never do the yoke and now only the ends need woven in. I might publish this as some kind of expansion pack to the original. 

If I need some colour to cheer me up I can dig into this exceedingly cheerful stack of wool felt (I’m thinking play food as gifts for a couple of small people).


Rain looks much prettier blurred out!
Rain looks much prettier blurred out!

There are snacks, hot drinks and knitting. I’ll just sit here. 

I don't usually listen to knitting podcasts but I rather enjoyed this new one. 
I don’t usually listen to knitting podcasts but I rather enjoyed this new one. 

Just a little longer, before the cabin fever sets in, and excitement about setting up the new studio and making plans for the new year take over again. I’m sure those if you who’ve signed up for the shawl club (yes I’m doing a club wuth some truly amazing yarns!) will be pleased to know that you won’t have to show up on my doorstep to get your first package. You are more than welcome though – you can help me finish something! 

How long until the solstice?