it’s gray and stormy outside

but I don’t care a bit. I always loved the idea of rainy days as a kid, that there were craft books of ‘rainy day activities’. It’s still a good excuse to stay at home crafting and baking. So far in this rainy weekend I’ve accomplished rather a lot. I dodged the rain yesterday to get the supplies I wanted. Except for black fimo, I think someone must be building a black fimo monster because all four of the shops I tried had none left. I promised my mum some earrings, and wanted the fimo to make some flat disc beads for the bottoms. I got some grey and hopefully will be able to paint it to get what I want. Making the earrings is today’s project.


She requested more made from paper beads – like these:


Incidentally, I’m sure paper beads are a project found in many kids’ rainy day craft book. Still so much fun

I made bread, because just before I went to bed I realised I had nothing for breakfast so I mixed some bread and left it to rise overnight. This experiment worked ok, the top dried out a bit, but kneading it sorted that out. I think if I do this again I might coat the bread in a little oil. I used the malthouse bread flour from Doves Farm. I used the recipe on the back of the packet but halved the quantities to make an itty bitty one person loaf. The same company also sell quick yeast that doesn’t come in sachets so that you can actually measure the amount you need.

My dad’s making dinner tomorrow for my mum’s birthday and I decided to make dessert. I wanted to make a sort of gingery sticky toffee pudding. I used this recipe except I substituted dark muscovado sugar for the demerara and added 2 tablespoons of ginger and 1 tsp of mixed spice. I baked it in muffin cases to make individual puddings. The recipe says it serves 2-3 so I started making this as a trial run to see if it tasted good. It filled 10 muffin cases, and I should have split it between 12 because it overflowed a bit. There is no way I could eat a third, let alone half of this mixture. Needless to say this is no longer a trial run! Good thing they’re absolutely wonderful. I’m going to make the sauce in that recipe to serve with them too.


Last night I cut my first lino block, I need to go back over some bits but it turned out ok. The cutting was much harder than I expected it to be. I’m definitely going to order some rubber sheets.


I got some great long, narrow blank cards. Something I’ve always cut myself before, but these weren’t really much more expensive than doing that and they came with envelopes in a hard to find size. So once I perfect my printing I’ll be printing a whole batch of these to send out I need to sort my ink a bit, I tried using heavy body liquitex but it dried too quickly. I added some Marvin Medium which slow drying problem but made it stick to the paper. I’m going to try adding some washing up liquid and if that doesn’t work I guess I’ll be taking a trip to the art shop. Either I’ll just buy some block printing ink or I’ll find a suitable medium to add to the liquitex. Thankyou to everyone who’s emailed me about exchanging cards If you would like to I’d love to hear from you. I’m quite excited about getting cards from all over the world.


I think I’ll decorate a little, though getting a tree seems ridiculous maybe I’ll decorate this one:


Today I’m going to make my mum’s earrings and finish this scarf that I started making for her last night.


Using yarn left over from Ariel (HipKnits Aran Silk), and the same stitch pattern over 32 sts. Let me know if you want me to write it out – if you have the magazine (Issue 1 of Yarn Forward) though there is a chart I’m doing it on 5mm needles instead of the 4.5mm I used for Ariel just to give a little more drape.


Have a good day, even (or especially!) if it’s gray and stormy where you are too.