Knits on an adventure

Otto set out on an exciting adventure today, he’s on his way with Hannah to spend several months in New York. Eventually I’ll see them there (more on that plan later), but they’ve got some great handknits to keep them safe. Did you know knitting had that sort of power?


These are the mittens I made Hannah for xmas, I even managed to keep them secret although it took a lot of (frequently hilarious) effort. Despite my slyness I also received a Narwhal themed gift – she painted me a mug with a narwhal and an alpaca. Remind me to show you that, it’s great.


There’s a little fishy on the tip of the thumb and you can tell from this picture that they’re wonderfully woolly – the yarn is Wensleydale Long Wool 4ply in Silver green and storm, that I bought at Iknit, back in May. The palms, cuffs and thumb shaping are straight from Selbu, but the hand shaping and back pattern are my own. I’d like to make some changes on a second pair that would make these a more knitterly design (the solid shapes need to go) but I might do a pattern one day if there’s any interest. It’s possible that it’s just us two that love narwhals. More pics on flickr.


She left wrapped in more knitted animals, but I didn’t knit these. This is Hannah’s first sweater, knit to test our friend Kate’s adroable pattern, and completed in less than a week. I’m always proud of the knitters I’ve converted, but this is particularly impressive don’t you think?


Kate’s right – they do all have distinct personalities!