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by ysoldateague April 24, 2009


pointknittingI’ve had a wonderful week in NYC with lots of knitting and exploring. Last Sunday I spent a lovely relaxed afternoon at The Point chatting with knitters and signing books. Thank you to everyone who came by and said hello – I love meeting my readers in person.
I even got to see some of my designs being worked on, including this Hap Blanket – love the grey and blue combination.

I’m staying with the very talented Connie Chang – of course you know that she’s a great designer but it turns out she’s also warm, friendly and smart – she’s been such a great host and we’ve had lots of fantastically geeky conversations about designing and publishing.

On Tuesday I took the subway out to Brooklyn

and visited Gleek and Minty – lots of knitting, photography
and even hooping fun.
Neoknits Melisa offered to take me button shopping and you know I could never turn down an offer like that – and of course I wanted to meet up with her too. Connie came along and we went first to the big, shiny M&J Trimmings.
It was fun to visit and I bought some ribbon for a Matilda Jane you haven’t seen yet (it’s too big for me so I need to grab someone the right size to photograph it on) but once I was starting to contemplate covering things in rhinestones I decided it was time to leave! We took the subway to the Upper East Side to a treasure of a store, Tender Buttons, that I probably wouldn’t have found myself. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos – the service was rather old fashioned and wonderfully eccentric but I didn’t feel like the camera would have been popular. Plus I was too distracted by the buttons, and their beautiful antique surroundings. Like Duttons for Buttons that I visited a few weeks ago in ‘old’ York this shop seems to keep their stock until it sells, and as buttons aren’t exactly a rapid turnover product that can mean that you find things from the 1940s or even the 19th century. While we were there a woman managed to find and buy a matching button to one that she had purchased there 40 years ago. Although they’re certainly serious about buttons here and have some rare collectors items with very high price tags many of the vintage buttons aren’t of any particular interest to collectors and are priced comparably to newer ones – wonderful. Connie did hear the total of my purchases and when I pulled out my little origamied brown paper bag asked if that was all I’d bought, but what I bought wasn’t really more expensive than elsewhere – buttons just don’t take up much space!

Yesterday I took the train to visit Hannah (and Otto) in White Plains, where there happened to be a knitting related exhibition at the Art Exchange. This is by artist Sarah Millman and it felt like walking around in a playful knitted world full of interesting lightplay. She also had some fun dolls sewn from clothing that were set up tearing each other apart and sewing each other back together. Downstairs there was an exhibition of recycled art by different artists including a bank vault set up as a crafty boutique.

Today I’m going to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, eat ice cream, shop for Fluevogs and meet up and knit with the spiders.


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