Knitworthy wrappings

Dress up your knitted gifts with tags that show how Knitworthy the recipient is.  Encourage them to stay on your list by including instructions for properly caring for the item! 

And if you end up giving a project on the needles or a single sock and a ball of yarn (I’ve done both of those!) at least the tag will dress things up a little. 

Thanks to Mary Heather for the “please don’t felt this line!”. They’re a little silly and a lot useful and I had fun making them so I hope you like these. If you’ve subscribed to Knitworthy you can now download and print tags for all your gifts. 

Tomorrow I’m going on a little adventure, taking a train, a ferry and then cycling to the West coast of Shetland for some knitting and exploring. I’m currently watching the weather forecast a bit obsessively — cross your fingers for seas that aren’t too rough and that it’s calm enough to be worth taking the bike.