Last weekend’s trip to Chicago was ridiculously brief for such a far flung destination, but since I got home on Tuesday I’ve found it rather hard to get back into a regular schedule. Not helped by the fact that I stayed up much too late on election night. In an effort to ground myself and not go completely crazy meeting my self-imposed deadlines I took some time this weekend to settle in back at home, despite the fact that it seems silly to need to when I was only away for 5 nights. Brunch with friends, buying delicious local produce and cookbooks and prettying up my little indoor garden. I have a terribly black thumb, but it seems like such a shame not to grow things in the wonderful light in my studio. So far it seems to be going surprisingly well, I think the trick for me is to have enough plants that it’s impossible to forget about them and neglect them!


This tomato seems to be thriving, it had doubled in size when I got home from my trip. Even more excitingly, the strawberries in the same planter are flowering – cute little baby berries.

baby strawberry

With all this greenery the top of the windows were looking a little bare and I remembered the stack of vintage doilies I’d been planning on using to embellish sheer curtains. Curtains might be a bit tricky right now, but I could still decorate the window with a few of the doilies.

window doilies-3

Selecting a few of the lightest weight ones in the collection I sprayed them with starch and when they were fully saturated smoothed them into place on the windows.
window doilies-1

A couple were a little reluctant to stick, but spraying more starch directly onto the window helped. Once they’d dried vinegar in a spray bottle helped get rid of the starch drips.

window doilies-2

I’ll be back soon to explain exactly why I ended up going all the way to Chicago for a weekend, but here’s a hint.