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Lights, lace, yarn and books

by ysoldateague November 07, 2007


We did go to watch fireworks from Arthur Seat, actually we walked along the crags, and with the pretty lights and mulled wine it was all very festive, I’m feeling a lot more enthusiastic about winter now. In the end I didn’t take Elijah though. Just as well, because these were the most interesting photos I took. How I ever thought I could take pretty photos of Elijah watching fireworks is a bit of a mystery! Don’t worry though, I have other adventures for Elijah planned.DSCF6068.JPG


Yesterday this gorgeous alpaca yarn (Nazca in ‘Blueberry Twist’) arrived from Knit Global.It goes perfectly with the organic chunky grey jacob wool I’m using to re-make the Apocalypse Hoodie, and the extra softness will be perfect around the wrists. There should be enough leftover for something like a hat too. I’m going to wind up some of this yarn before knitting group this evening, the perfect ‘chatty knit’!


I’m wearing Snow White today and I finally got around to doing something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. The neckline is my favourite thing about this jumper, but it is tricky to figure out what to wear with it. A strapless bra is perfect, except that it’s one of the least comfortable things I can think of to wear. I do love how the jumper looks with a button up shirt, but that destroys part of the point of highlighting the collarbones. So today I stitched up a really simple tube top edged with some lace I had lying around that happened to match perfectly.


It’s a great solution, especially for the rather flat chested like me, but I think it would work well combined with a strapless bra for an extra layer and a pretty edge. I’ve seen the question of what to wear with Snow White crop up around the internets and I took a few pictures while making this, although really anyone with the slightest amount of sewing experience could figure it out, so I’ll put together a little tutorial – helpful?


First though I need to package up these old uni books and go the post office to send them out to a couple of Book Mooch users, love that site but you should definitely join if you’re in the UK – we need more UK users, preferably ones with books I want to read!


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