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Line by line

by ysoldateague October 17, 2006


On Sunday I finally picked up this mess and finished fixing it. It’s now messy but the stitches are all (I think!) in the right places and blocking is particularly magical with Shetland wool so I’m not too worried. More importantly I feel like I’m finally making progress and I’m past the 350 st long rows. Yes the dressform is looking a little stretched out, this isn’t for me. I really should have shortened the dressform too, the recipient is 5′ (3 and a half inches shorter than me) and short waisted so the cardigan will look longer on her. There is a lot less shaping in this than I usually do, I don’t have accurate measurements or any idea of what kind of fit she will want so I went with the safe option of doing a nice adjustable wrap design. There is a little waist shaping, but to be honest it’s more to give the impression of shaping than anything else.


Yesterday someone amazing came to stay with me. Meet Penelope Pirate, created by the wonderfully talented Emily (aka the Black Apple). Thankyou so much I adore her. These pictures don’t do her justice but it’s getting dark. Actually it’s been dark all day. I had a class on the 13th floor and it was like being inside a cloud.



I’m looking forward to finding her an extra special place to sit in my new flat. On Friday, squeeee!

Remember my decision to work for 6 hours every weekday? Well maybe you remember my crafty incentives for doing so. Turns out that probably isn’t enough work. Yesterday I spent 7 hours reading The Egoist by George Meredith (which I’m suprisingly kind of enjoying) and read a quarter of the book. Here is my more visible progress.


My new reading knee socks. At this rate I’ll be doing a pair of socks a week. Which isn’t a bad idea given the weather. This looks like a funny long footed sock, but don’t worry I’m going to do an afterthought heel. I thought it would be cute in the stripes and most importantly didn’t interrupt my reading / knitting momentum. You can just see the 1 row of pink where I’ll insert the heel.


I’m just up to the dart shaping, and better get back to my reading. (I’ve been at uni all day, so haven’t actually done anything to it since yesterday).

Before I dissapear though, I thought you might be interested in knowing that Yarn Forward is out! I think Kerrie said she’s sent all the pre-orders and subscriptions out and I’m hoping to get my copy in the next few days. If you haven’t pre-ordered it you can buy it from Hipknits and I think it’s going to be quite widely available in shops soon. But if you go look at Hipknits you can see the cover – which means you get a little peek at my design Exciting stuff! Ok, back to work for me.


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