lined up

I printed the cards today. I actually found this process much harder to figure out than I was expecting too. I tried various things (rollers, heavy books) to press the card down on top of the print before eventually settling on a moisturiser jar with a folded paper towel taped over the top. (I was going to take a photo but at 3.30 it was already too dark).


The eagle eyed might notice that I added an extra little tree, I wasn’t happy with the original composition. Just a bit too uniform, but I think this improves it. Not all of my prints are very even, although I got much better (and faster) at this with a bit of practise. I tried not to be too perfectionist about which cards ended up in the reject pile though. Sometimes it’s nice to show the handmadeness of something in its imperfections I think.


If you want to exchange cards please do email me, I think at the moment I have about 8-10 more cards than people to send them to. You may want to check royal mail’s website for last posting dates to where you are if you care about getting them by the 24th. (I know that to Australia it is tomorrow – best get myself to the post office).

I did go to the city knitty meetup last night. And I had fun I talked to people and was actually pretty relaxed and not tongue tied. The new venue, Chai Teahouse is also really lovely – quiet, comfortable, well lit and spacious. Perfect for a large group of knitters to hang out. I had some really good chamomile tea made from actual chamomile flowers – perhaps that helped with the not being too shy thing. I think I’ll be going back next week, with a really simple project so I can chat without screwing it up.

I’m glad you like my cable beret, I’ll try and do a pattern for it soon. I ordered some yarn that should be arriving tomorrow to make a new version of Snow White because while I love how the neckline looks on the dressform it falls off my shoulders when I wear it. I might rip out the yokeish part of the original and fix it but I’d like to make a perfected version before doing the pattern.

I picked up some bristol board yesterday while getting the stuff to add to the liquitex so I’ll hopefully get the illustrations for the lace up gloves pattern done soon. All the photos are taken, but need to be edited and some of the text is done. So that’s coming along too.

Oh and I have an exam on poetry next Tuesday, and after years of schooling where they said such things as ‘poetry doesn’t have rules’; ‘you don’t need to know what a sonnet is’ and ‘iambic pentameter is just the way Shakespeare wrote, that’s all you need to know’ I think I need to study for it.

While writing this I’ve been watching someone across the road hang bunting across their back garden. Fitting but also intriguing.