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little black cardigan

September 25, 2007


Wardrobe staple that it is I’d been putting off knitting a black cardigan for a while mainly because I didn’t want to knit something in the dreaded un-bloggable yarn colour much less try and sell a pattern for an impossible to photograph item. But I was going on holiday, to rest not work and so I figured that I’d make a cardigan for me at least even if it was camera shy. So the day before I left I wandered round the corner to HandKnit and snagged some black wool cotton. Luckily it isn’t the least bit camera shy, although these aren’t the greatest photos they aren’t too terrible. I don’t think a pattern will be a problem, but I’m thinking of doing another in a lighter colour with shorter sleeves in something light and fuzzy. But given the fact that I already don’t have time to execute all of my ideas I might leave that as a suggestion or find someone else to knit it. We’ll see.


Construction wise this is similar to Briar Rose. That is: bottom up, sleeves and body joined at underarms and set in type sleeves worked seamlessly and shoulders joined. The sleeves are long, knuckle length although could of course be any length that you desire. I like sleeves that cover my hands a bit, perhaps because those on purchased things often do so it seems right. The stitch patterns create a slight bell sleeve effect with no actual work, and are elastic enough that no shaping at all is worked on the sleeves so it really is totally a case of keep going until you like the length. These are so long that I might need to buy another ball, but knitting them has taught me finally that fond as I am of dpns magic loop is definitely less taxing on my arms / hands. Since those are just a little bit important I switched methods halfway through.


The same simple stitch patterns create all of the body shaping and staggering the transition from one to another creates this elegant diagonal.


The neck line will be a deepish v and I’m planning on fastening it with buttons just at waist level. The edges are neatly finished with i-cord (do you know this? all you do is slip 3 purlwise with the yarn on the wrong side at the beginning of every row) and I haven’t worked button holes in.


I wanted to decide on the buttons once I’d finished it and I was planning on doing simple button loops. Then I started thinking about the symmetry of having buttons on each side, and I happen to have 6 rather perfect black ones so that would be 3 pairs. I considered something along the lines of super kitschy sweater clips, like thesebut more ‘me’. I do like the idea of resurrecting these, but I think they’d work better on a fastened at the neck cardigan. Then I saw Emily’sbirds and bees cardigan.


See the cute little knit tab with a button hole at either end? I’m not sure if it will work, and this may also be a better as a neck fastening thing, but I’m going to try it and I think it might end up just right. I do hope so. Crochet may be the way to go, for something a little sturdier. And if it’s not just right? Well there are plenty of other possibilities and everyone needs a little black cardigan don’t they?


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