Llamas and alpacas make everything better

Napoleon the alpaca and Rojo the llama visit people in hospitals and centers, bringing smiles to all they see. Via. Jezebel.

Every knitter who’s visited a fibre festival knows that you can’t help smiling when you encounter a llama or alpaca — they’re just so cute and silly. Now 14 are being used as therapy animals in hospitals and care homes.

Once at Maryland Sheep and Wool an alpaca kissed me. 


Last year at Rhinebeck my friend Mary-Heather and I met a llama called Andy and Mary-Heather got to take him on walk. Isn’t her cardigan gorgeous? I have the privilege of publishing the pattern, stay tuned for more updates on the book it’s part of.

Although they do spit, like their camel cousins, they’re shockingly tolerant. Llama leaping is a regular festival event, and I love this picture of a little girl hanging out with her alpaca.  

I'm hugging an alpaca, lalalala

Part of the appeal might be that they’re really weird looking, especially as babies — this is the very definition of ‘uglycute’.  


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