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London Adventures – part 2

by ysoldateague September 05, 2008


Part 1IMG_3959.JPG

Today we took several trains


and eventually found ourselves on a very busy oxford street in the rain.


We looked up directions online, realised that liberty’s is actually on regent street and, after dodging everyone else’s umbrellas while trying to stop our own getting entangled, we splashed our way there.


Although the fabric selection does seem to be a lot more limited than it once was there was still a lot to look at and we managed to find a few that we liked enough to take home. While there we met some a couple of other people who are here for Iknit day, all the way from Stockholm, which was nice.


Picking fabric, or more likely the trains, made us hungry so we wandered round the corner and found a burger place, carnaby burger company, with a decent veggie selection. We’d planned on more shopping, but by the time we’d been to Muji, we’d had more than enough of rainy crowds, so we delved back underground and set out for the V&A.


The fashion collection that drew us there in the first place turned out to be rather dissapointing, but the whole place was fascinating and as we wandered to the textiles collection we found many intriguing distractions.


There’s something very surreal about halls full of detached wrought iron gates and railings, and walking above the casting courts full of familiar, very large, segments of architecture were also a strange experience.


The textile collection is mostly housed in pull out display cases, I liked the unexpected nature of pulling them out randomly to reveal beautiful treasures inside.


There are some really amazing, really old, pieces and we left feeling decidely unskilled – such tiny, perfect stitches. We resisted the urge to go buy fine silk thread and a magnifying glass and see what minuscule things we could make.


The rain had more or less stopped, so we left the V&A and actually went outside for the short walk to the tube station. By that point we were feeling like we were feeling a little like we were in a strangely disconnected city, we’d seen lots of places, but had hardly walked around outside and although the tube is very useful it doesn’t really feel like any of the individual places join up.


It was nice then, when we got to blackfriars station to walk from there to the millennium bridge and across to the Tate Modern. Finally it felt like we were actually in London, rather than a few places connected by an underground city.


Here our matchy shoes, they’re DMs, which seem to be the brand with shoes closest to the shape of my feet, and it was nice to find some that aren’t as chunky as all of my old ones.


Laura’s left strap is undone because her sprained ankle is still swelling up, boo.
At the Tate Modern we met up with my mum and my brother, who I do live within walking distance of at home, but they happened to be here today so it was nice to have dinner with them even if it seemed a little odd.

escalator at the Tate Modern

After a simple meal sharing nice fresh nibbly things we took the giant escalator up through the vast space to the Cy Twombly exhibition that was my mum’s entire reason for coming here. It was interesting, but I was a little too tired and drained to take much in or formulate any more response than ‘I like these, they’re red and swirly’, which is at least nice and straightforward. After our art break we went for dessert, but they’d taken most of the good stuff off the menu in the meantime and we couldn’t get the cakes we wanted. We left my, ghostly, mum and brother on the underground.


And now, after more splashing through rain and trains, we’re back in Twickenham blogging and thinking we should go to bed soon so we’re awake for Iknit tomorrow. Say hi if you see us there.

Edit – Thank you for all of the comments on the photos, but I really shouldn’t be taking credit for them. Laura took almost all of them.


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