photo of ball of yarn
After much rummaging through the wooden chest that used to be my toybox and is now my yarn stash I found it. Another ball of the exact same yarn I’m using for the corset pullover. I was so sure there wasn’t any more that I was looking for something that would go with it… I found enough similar wool in various shades of green to make several fair isle jumpers – I think that might have to be one of my next projects.
lots of green yarn
I inherited all of this from my grandad, an incredibly talented knitter. As you can see he did a lot of fair isle stuff, my mum still has everything he made for me when I was wee, it’s all beautiful. He died of cancer when I was seven before I’d started knitting although apparently even at a very young age I was hapy to sit, arms outstretched, holding the hank of yarn while he wound it into balls. When my gran died last year all of his yarn was found in her attic, there were several incomplete projects – and a few pompoms I made when I was about 5