lots of pretty pictures

I’m playing aorund with photopress and stuff at the moment, trying to get some pretty albums up. It’s not working out so well, but I did take some pics while doing this.
I still haven’t got my camera back, but it turns out that in daylight my phone takes half decent pics.

So I’d like to introduce you to:

Barnabus McGraw, who I knit from this kit, which I don’t exactly recommend. It’s cutely packaged but the supplies are pretty crappy quality, and unless you’re giving it to a child who can already knit they’re really going to struggle with the instruction booklet.

The eyepatch is my addition. (he has a scar underneath).


This is a little voodoo bunny I made months ago, but he was sitting on my desk when I was taking pictures so he had to be included in the shoot. Pattern is from Naive Knitting


This is some of the yarn I dyed


I made these socks a few weeks ago, but I’m wearing them today, so they got in front of the lens too.


And this is the sock I made from the first yarn I dyed, it’s companion is coming along while I ride busses, sit in lectures etc.


In case you were wondering Rosa is doing well, but slowly. I’m up to the eyelet row on the front – this


was the perfect excuse to avoid untangling the last few metres of yarn.