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making things

by ysoldateague August 30, 2005


corset pullover complete
this is it blocking – still haven’t done the lace

hopeful sweater body

hopeful is going well

and this is what I made while playing with the roving and felting needles sheena brought me
irkle - needle felted doll
irkle - needle felted doll (spooky)

I saw Amanda Palmer (of the dresden dolls) doing a rather unrehearsed but great performance with lots of other people – among them the adorable regina spektor (who is amazing because she has spektris on her site, yes I was once addicted to tetris – not the sole reason for her amazingness by all means) – last tuesday at the new bongo club (shh… I didn’t really go there, actually i9t wasn’t as bad as I expected just not the same as the old one)

and yesterday…
we saw the pixies!!!

anyways I leave you to contemplate how great that was more details on all of this tomorrow when I’m bored at work rather than sleepy and in need of bed


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