Matilda Jane pattern update

Thankyou to everyone who has purchased the Matilda Jane pattern. Somehow or other 2 lines and an entire extra repeat which I cut from the lace pattern of the neck band early on snuck back in, this of course throws off the entire pattern. I think they were too eager to be in the pattern and staged a rebellion to sneak back in while my attention was on checking all the numbers. Pesky lines. I hope I’ve caught this early enough so that you won’t have to rip anything out, but if you do I’m very sorry. I’m so sorry that such a colossal error is in the pattern, hopefully it hasn’t caused too much inconvenience. It is only the directions for the neckband that have changed – not any of the numbers in the actual pattern.
I’ve emailed the updated pattern as an attachment to everyone who bought it but if you haven’t received it or have problems opening it let me know. I’ve sent it to the email address you use for paypal so remember to check that account. If for whatever reason you want me to email it to a different address email me with the details of your transaction.