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Me Made May

May 02, 2014


Oops, I apparently failed to read properly and missed the deadline to sign up for Me Made May before May 1st. Oh well, I’m doing it anyway. Here’s my pledge: 

 ‘I, Ysolda, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear at least one me made garment each day for the duration of May 2014’

Additionally I’m planning to wear an outfit comprised solely of garments I made (excluding outer and underwear) at least three days a week. I’m hoping that this aspect of the challenge will encourage me to make more of the clothes I actually wear all of the time. 

I’ve been planning to make this pattern for years, but it wasn’t until I bought some $3 (best value purchase I’ve ever made) short dungarees last summer and proceeded to wear them constantly that I really fell in love with dungarees. The pattern is Simplicity No. 3322 from 1940. I used a reproduction purchased from this Etsy seller. Not entirely sure about the ethics of buying copies of out of print very old patterns — bought that one years ago. Anyway. 

The pattern was a 36 which was an inch or so too large in the waist and bust. I basted everything together and it seemed fine, just too long. Unfortunately I first removed the extra length from the legs and then decided the bodice was too long. Luckily facing the hem of the legs added in exactly the extra length I needed after altering the bodice but it was a bit circuitous and I wish they were long enough for deep cuffs! 

Late at night the top of this bodice seemed perfectly fine apparently I’m more of a perfectionist in the morning because the first thing I did when I got up was grab the seam ripper. 

I didn’t want to make the bodice too fitted, these are supposed to be work wear after all, so I was trying to strike a balance between too large and too fitted. I shortened the darts but I still think they’re a little oddly low and long. If I ever make these again I’ll probably redraft the front bodice rather than chopping off the side edges to narrow the top. 

Did I mention that the entire top edge and both sides of the side opening are hand slip-stitched. I deviated from the instructions to work the buttonholes and bottom hem by hand though! Mostly because I was running out of time to wear these on the first of May. 

The shirt is more or less made from Colette’s Negroni pattern, and although I made it ages ago I don’t wear it much. The shoulders are too wide (although I narrowed them considerably) and the body is too short. Frankly, without being mostly hidden I feel like it looks too much like pyjamas. But it’s quite cute with these and the collar goes with the period even if the rest doesn’t. 

Obligatory Rosie the Riveter pose. Fitted 40s style overalls seem to be firmly associated with the iconic imagery (the We Can Do It poster apparently doesn’t depict Rosie anyway!). After sewing these with Bomb Girls playing in the background I’m almost tempted to make those. Almost. I do remember being jealous of my dad’s boilersuit for building work when I was about six. 

Today’s outfit. Wool skirt made from a 70s pattern in 2009, Coraline cardigan, Sorbetto tank. By complete coincidence the skirt’s waistband facing is in the exact same fabric as the tank top. I don’t wear Coraline much anymore, I wore it almost daily for a couple of years but it doesn’t feel like it fits my current style so well. Quite like it in this outfit though so maybe I can work it back into rotation. Can you believe how well that alpaca silk blend has held up? Testament to the genius of John Arbon. Not sure the tights, while fabulous, go with anything else here, but they were the only ones clean and that’s sometimes the most important thing. 

Every year I think about doing this challenge too late, or I’m travelling, or something, so I’m very excited to actually be doing it this year. Are you? What are you wearing?


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