misshapen blob from the deep

or my cute new cloche?

we’ll see. I think I need to find a 5mm circular needle though. These are weird extra long dpns I found. There are 144 stitches in the round and while I normally like dpns for something this big they’re really too clumsy. I probably have a 5mm circular somewhere. I have so many needles that I probably have almost every size. I should sort them out really.

You can kind of see the leaves in the photo. I’m slightly worried that they’ll end up realy round when I felt this though. I didn’t really compensate for the fact that felting will squish it up much more vertically than horizontally. I thought about it – I just didn’t do anything about it. I think I just need to finish this (it’s almost done) so I can see what happens. If it gets more like something from the swamp I’ll at least have some idea what changes to make for take 2 (and I can stick some google eyes on it and call it a monster puppet).

Thankyou to everyone who has bought my hoodie pattern.