More adventures!

Remember when I posted about going to Norway I said that I had more adventures planned this summer? Well the next will be with this lovely lady Laura’s coming here in a couple of weeks and then while she’s here we’ll be taking the train down to London. We’re going to spend a few days there – including Iknit day, so maybe we’ll see you there. Then we’re going to Paris for a few days, before returning here. And then, because I’m utterly insane I’m flying to Greece the day Laura flies home.
We need your help though, with recommendations and most crucially a place to rest our weary heads in Paris. If you live there and have any spare beds / sofas / floor space we would be very, very appreciative (and we both work in yarn stores – just saying!). If you’re not able to have us to stay, which I realise is a lot to ask, any recommendations of hostels or cheap hotels would be great. We’ll be there from the 8th to 11th of September.

We’ve got great accomodation sorted for the 4th and 5th in London, but we’re also stuck for somewhere to stay on the 6th and 7th, so if anyone’s able to put us up on those nights that would be amazing.

I’m so excited about this, I had a great time with Laura in Toronto and I haven’t really spent time in Paris or London for years. So what are the things we shouldn’t miss?