Mother’s day in the botanics

Today was mother’s day here and, appropriately, I went to the botanics with my mum. Although there was some sunshine we got a little chilly eating sandwiches outside. When hot drinks failed to warm us up and the rain started we decided not to continue our walk along the water of Leith but took refuge in the hot houses instead. I was actually pretty glad that the weather forced us in since I hadn’t been in years, not since it started costing more than a donation anyway. Worth paying for once in a while though, especially when the weather reminds you that March is only the very beginning of spring. I’m so glad I took the camera.


There are a mixture of Victorian and 1960s buildings. This one was built in 1858, I wonder if those palms have been there that long, and how small they were to start with.


Apparently my aunt asked permission to climb this staircase once (she wanted to draw from it). Not surprisingly she was denied access on safety grounds.


I also got my mum to take some photos of my new leafy, green beret and asked her what I should call it. So the pattern will be Verity, because I had to listen to her today.


verity5.jpg verity3.jpg verity2.jpg verity1.jpg